U.S. Geological Survey

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After Yale, Love worked a season for the U.S. Geological Survey in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, scratching his way a step at a time through the dense, stiff branches of scrub oak that-ninety years before-had held up the Donner party enough to set the scheduie for its eventual rendezvous with snow. Employed by the Shell Oil Company, he spent five years looking for areas of possible oil accumulation in the structures of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Arkansas, Michigan, Alabama, and Tennessee. This increased his experience in ways that included a good deal more than rocks-especially in theĀ zakelijke energie vergelijken southern Appalachians. Looking for outcrops, he walked many hundreds of miles of stream beds, “brushing water moccasins to one side.” He studied roadcuts and railroad cuts. He slept where the day ended. Sometimes he stayed, for weeks at a time, with farmers. A farmer in Tennessee took him aside one day and offered him his unusually beautiful teen-age daughter in marriage if David would buy her a pair of shoes-her first. Apparently, the girl had developed such a longing for the young geologist that her father wanted her to have him. David felt that he was receiving “the ultimate compliment,” for the farmer wanted to give him what the farmer valued most in the world. Earnestly, he wished not to offend, lest, among other things, he lose his advantage in a complicated country dissected by entrenched streams, a prime piece of the Mississippi Embayment, as geologists call the great bulb of sediments that reaches from the mouth of the Mississippi River as far north as Paducah, Kentucky. The farmer zakelijke energie was in a strategic position to permit the young geologist to find certain permeable sandstones wedging out between layers of shale in updips where migrating petroleum might have become trapped. So he was anxious not to ruffle the feelings of his host. Besides, he was engaged.

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