Trying to academize

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The family’s main sitting and dining room was a restaurant from Old Muskrat. On the walls were polished buffalo horns mounted on shields. The central piece of furniture was a gambling table from Joe Lacey’s Muskrat Saloon. It was a poker-and-roulette tableround, covered with felt. Still intact were the subtle flanges that had caused the roulette wheel to stop just where the operator wished it to. And if you reached in under the table in the right place you could feel the brass slots where the dealer kept wild cards that he could call upon when the fiscal integrity of the house was threatened. If you put your nose down on the felt, you zakelijke energie could almost smell the gunsmoke. At this table David L<?ve received his basic educationhis schoolroom a restaurant, his desk a gaming table from a saloon. His mothei;_ may have been trying to academize the table when she covered it with a red-and-white India print. When other schoolmarms were provided by the district, they came for three months in summer. One came for the better part of a year. By and large, though, the boys were taught by their mother. She had a rolltop desk, and Peggy Daugherty’s glassed-in bookcases. She had the i911 Encyclopcedia Britannica, the Redpath Library, a hundred volumes of Greek and Roman literature, Shakespeare, Dickens, Emerson, Thoreau, Longfellow, Kipling, Twain. She taught her sons French, Latin, and a bit of Greek. She read to them from books in German, translating as she went along. They read the Iliad and the Odyssey. The room was at the west end of the ranch house and was brightly illuminated by the setting sun. When David as a child saw sunbeams leaping off the books, he thought the contents were escaping. In some ways, there zakelijke energie vergelijken was more chaos in this remote academic setting than there could ever be in a grade school in the heart of a city.
The house might be full of men, waiting out a storm, or riding on a roundup. I was baking, canning, washing clothes, making soap. Allan and David stood by the gasoline washing machine reading history or geography while I put sheets through the wringer.

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