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The ash was from elsewhere, from outside the province, punctuation brought in on the wind. It had come from volcanoes standing, probably, in what is now the Snake River Plain, two hundred miles away. Settling into the basin lakes-long-gone Miocene, Pliocene lakes-much of it had turned into zeolites. Among the zeolites, Deffeyes had found in Jersey Valley three million tons of a variety called erionite, which is named for wool, and is fibrous, and when it gets into the linings of human lungs causes mesothelioma. There are more millions of tons of erionite throughout the Basin and Range, passively causing zakelijke energie nothing. But if twenty-five valleys of the province were to be filled up with forty-six hundred concrete shelters for MX missiles, as the Defense Department had proposed, wind would present extraordinary hazards during the process of construction. It would be difficult to overestimate the amount of fine material that can be borne long distances by the wind. The largest single layer of ash that Deffeyes found in Jersey Valley was ten feet thick. He once showed it to Howel Williams, of the University of California at Berkeley, whom he regarded as “the greatest of volcanologists.” Deffeyes asked Williams what might have been the size of a volcano that from two hundred miles away could send out such an explosion of ash. Williams just stood there impressed, shaking his head. On a shelf above us was a pile of sticks of a size that in moister country could well have been collected by a beaver. “Hawk,” Deffeyes said. “Note the southern exposure. The hawk went solar long ago. The sun incubates the eggs and the hawk is free to soar.” Running his eye over¬†zakelijke energie vergelijken the sequence of sediments revealed in the slope before us, he decided to begin his work right there. He was carrying in his hand a device of his own invention with which he hoped to accomplish the delicate operation of removing paleomagnetic samples from unconsolidated lake sediments.

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