The earth is moving

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The earth is moving. The faults are moving. There are hot springs all over the province. There are young volcanic rocks. Fault scars everywhere. The world is splitting open and coming apart. You see a sudden break in the sage like this and it says to you that a fault is there and a fault block is comiAg up. This is a gorgeous, fresh, young, active fault scarp. It’s growiIDg. The range is I lifting up. This Nevada topography is what you see during mountain building. There are no foothills. It is all too zakelijke energie vergelijken young. It is live country. This is the tectonic, active, spreading, mountain-building world. To a nongeologist, it’s just ranges, ranges, ranges.” Most mountain ranges around the world are the result of compression, of segments of the earth’s crust being brought together, bent, mashed, thrust and folded, squeezed up into the sky-the Himalaya, the Appalachians, the Alps, the Urals, the Andes. The ranges of the Basin and Range came up another way. The crust in this region between the Rockies and the Sierra-is spreading out, being stretched, being thinned, being literally pulled to pieces. The sites of Reno and Salt Lake City, on opposite sides of the province, have moved apart sixty miles. The crust of the Great Basin has broken into blocks. The blocks are not, except for zakelijke energie simplicity’s sake, analogous to dominoes. They are irregular in shape. They more truly suggest stretch marks. Which they are. They trend nearly northsouth because the direction of the stretching is roughly east-west. The breaks, or faults, between them are not vertical but dive into the earth at angles that average sixty degrees, and this, from the outset, affected the centers of gravity of the great blocks in a way that caused them to tilt. Classically, the high edge of one touched the low edge of another and formed a kind of trough, or basin. The high edge-sculpted, eroded, serrated by weather-turned into mountains.

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