Questions about travellers

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Mrs. Welty diverted him with questions about travellersĀ  marooned in snowdrifts. Mrs. Welty was aware that Mr. Doughertywho was missing six fingers, one leg, and half of his remaining foot -was an authority on this topic. In i883, a blizzard had overtaken him and his one passenger, a young woman comparable in age to Miss Waxham. When the snow became so deep that the coach ceased to move, he unhitched a horse. Already stiff with frostbite, he hung on to the harness while the animal hauled him through drifts. The horse dragged Dougherty for hours, until he finally lost his grip and let go, having nearly reached a stage-line station. Into the wind, he shouted successfully for help. When rescuers reached the stagecoach, the passenger was dead. Dougherty remarked to Mrs. Welty that winters lately had not been so severe. “No,” she agreed. “And we haven’t had a blizzard this kantoor per uur rotterdam summer.”
The sun set, and the stars rose, and the cold grew more intense ….A bout half past nine, we reached the supper station, stiff with cold.
This was Rongis, a community of a few dozen people just south of Crooks Gap. “Rongis” was an ananym-so named by an employee of the stagecoach company whose own name was Eli Signor. Lost Soldier, Rongis-such names are absent now among the Zip Codes of Wyoming, but the ruins of the stations remain.
Supper was soon ready, a canned supper, with the usual dried-apple pie and monstrous biscuits and black coffee. About ten we started out again, with a new relay of horses. More wrapped up than ever, we sat close to each other to keep kantoor per uur utrecht warm, and leaned against the sacks of mail behind us.
The night before, at Rongis, the temperature had gone to zero. As the stage moved into Crooks Gap, the bright starlight fell on fields of giant boulders black-and-silver in relief. Some were as large as houses. In time, it would be determined that they had come down off high mountains farther north that were no longer high-mountains that had somehow sunk into the plain.

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