Laval-way back

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You will remember also that Laval-way back, i965-came out with late Ordovician fossils in the Sherbrooke anomalies. Where else do you find a continuous sedimentation from the middle Ordovician up
to the Silurian-from Rangeley Lake up to New Brunswick in one belt? The Sherbrooke thing, restored, would come from where it ought to come from. So I’m suggesting either that two continents collided, and you have one basin there, receiving continuous sedimentation, or …” “You may have a double arc.” “You might have a double arc.” “There’s another solution.” “Sure, but I’m saying let’s take the simplest configuration.” “Why not just have one arc with basins on both sides of it?” “No. No. You have the Bronson Hill anticlinorium, and then you have the Ascot-Weedon.” “You have a volcanic arc on the stable side of the conference room rotterdam subduction zone, an expected arc above the downgoing slab.” “You have a short-lived slab going down below the AscotWeedon and the one of longer duration that’s on the other side. I would somehow think that there has to be something in these rocks, in the limestones, that you’d be able to hopefully connect to that platform.” “The only thing I can say is . . . ” “What about the blue quartz?” ‘What about the blue quartz? The stratigraphy of the Taconic rock matches unit for unit with Cambrian rocks of Avalon, and the fossils look alike. That’s all I can tell you. Nowhere else do we find this sort of thing except Wales.” A structural geologist with a foot on conference room utrecht each continent looks up and aside from this contentious scene. “While geologists argue, the rocks just sit there,” he remarks. “And sometimes they seem to smile.”

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