Drifting continents

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“I didn’t grow up with the idea of drifting continents and seafloor spreading. But I tell you, when you look at the way pieces of tl1e northeastern portion of the African continent seem to fit together, separated by a narrow gulf, you could make a believer out of anybody.” Schmitt was one of the eighty per cent who were changing their minds about the new global theory. In addition to his astronaut’s training, he had a Ph.D. in geology, and he would bring back from the moon a hundred kilos of rock
Twenty miles out of Winnemucca, and the interstate is dropping south toward the Humboldt Range. A coyote runs along beside the road. It is out of its element, tongue out, outclassed, under minimum
speed. Deffeyes says that flexplek huren rotterdam most ranges in the Basin and Range had one or two silver deposits in them, if any, but the Humboldts had five. We have also entered the bottomlands of the former Lake Lahontan. The hot-springs map shows more activity in this part of the province. Extension of the earth’s crust has been somewhat more pronounced here, Deffeyes explains, and hence there are more ore deposits. He feels that when a seaway opens up, the spreading center will be somewhere nearby. Or possibly back in Utah, in the bed of Lake Bonn’eville. “But this one has better connections.” “Connections?” “Death Valley. Walker Lake. Carson Sink.” An Exxon map of the western United States is spread open on the seat between us. He runs his finger from Death Valley to Carson Sink and on northward to cross the interstate at Lovelock. “The ocean will open here,” he repeats. “Or in the Bonneville basin. I think here.” A few miles off the flexplek huren utrecht road is the site of a planned community dating from the nineteen-sixties. It was to have wide streets and a fountained square, but construction was delayed and then indefinitely postponed. Ghostless ghost town, it had been named Neptune City. With the river on our right, we round the nose of the Humboldt Range, as did the Donner party and roughly a hundred and sixtyfive thousand other people, in a seventeen-year period, heading in their wagons toward Humboldt Sink, Carson Sink, and the terror of days without water.

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